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473nm DPSS Blue Laser System

473nm DPSS Blue Laser System 4
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473nm laser
473nm laser

M Series (Drawing)

H Series (Drawing)
FN Series (Drawing)
473nm laser
N Series (Drawing)


Product Model
M Series
H Series
FN Series
N Series
Wavelength (nm)
473nm +/- 1nm
Output power 1-100mW 200-500mW 1-500mW 800-1500mW
Transverse mode
Near TEM01
TEM00 Near TEM00
Operating mode
Continuous Wave
Power stability
Optional, rms, over 4 hours
Warm-up time (minutes)
Divergence, full angle (mrad)
<1. 5
Beam Diameter (mm) 1.2
Beam height from base (mm) 24. 8 29 27.4 68.2
Pointing stability (mrad)
Polarization Ratio
Operating temperature (C)
Power supply
90-264V AC
TTL or Analog modulation
Optional, Specify frequency after order
Expected lifetime (hours)
Warranty Period
1 Year
SKU 473M205
Weight 2.60 Kg
Price: US$950.00 (Euro 788.50)
Model Selection
Power Control
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Jul 23, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Harvard University - USA

We are actually just setting the laser up now. So far so good, the beam shape looks nice and it appears to be suitably stable.
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Nelson T - USA - May 2010
May 29, 2010
I first purchased a laser module from Dragonlaser due to their very competitive pricing, especially when it comes to blue and violet lasers. I decided to give it a trial for some undemanding applications. The products proved much better than I expected, actually, comparable to the performance of much higher priced modules here. I now have a series of those, from red to violet. Check with specs and inquire about the right product directly from the company if your application is critical to power fluctuations or the beam profile. It is easy to communicate with them - emails are answered immediately and to the point by a person who knows their lasers and capabilities. Very reasonable lead time."
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Jasmine S - USA - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
I purchased a 473 nm 200 milliwatt DPSS unit from Dragonlasers for use in an imaging application. It has worked flawlessly for thousands of hours. The beam quality is excellent, and the power output has remained stable and well above the specification for the entire time we have used it. The presale engineer service I received from Dragonlasers was excellent and the OEM module I requested was supplied exactly as per my specification in a very short time. I would not hesitate to recommend Dragonlasers to other product engineers as a source of high quality OEM components for integration in their laser systems.
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Professor Dirckx T - UK - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
We received the lasers in good order.

Both lasers work perfect, they have the output power as specified.

I was a bit disappointed about the beam shape of the red laser.
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