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532nm Green Laser System

532nm Green Laser System 16
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532nm laser
532nm laser
532nm laser

M Series (Drawing)

H Series (Drawing)
FN Series (Drawing)
532nm laser

N Series (Drawing)



Product Model
M Series
H Series
FN Series
N Series
Wavelength (nm)
532nm +/- 1nm
Output power 1-400mW 400-2000mW 1-1500mW 3-5W
Transverse mode
Near TEM00
TEM00 Near TEM00
Operating mode
Continuous Wave
Power stability
Optional, rms, over 4 hours
Warm-up time (minutes)
M2 Factor <1.2 <3 <1.2 <5
Divergence, full angle (mrad)
<1. 5
Beam Diameter (mm) 1.2 4 2 3
Beam height from base (mm) 24. 8 29 27.4 68.2
Polarization Ratio
Pointing stability (mrad)
Noise of Amplitude (rms 1-20Mhz) Build upon request with addtional costs
Operating temperature (C)
Power supply
90-264V AC
TTL or Analog modulation
Optional, Specify frequency after order
Expected lifetime (hours)
Warranty Period
1 Year
SKU 532M20
Weight 2.60 Kg
Price: US$920.00 (Euro 763.60)
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