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655nm Red Diode Laser System

655nm Red Diode Laser System 4
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655nm laser
655nm laser
655nm Laser

M Series (Drawing)

F Series (Drawing)
N Series (Drawing)
655nm laser

W Series (Drawing)



Product Model
M Series
F Series
N Series
W Series
Wavelength (nm)
655nm +/- 10nm
Output power(mW) 1-1500 2500 3000-5000 3000-5000
Transverse mode
Near TE00
Operating mode
Continuous Wave
Power stability
Optional, rms, over 4 hours
Warm-up time (minutes)
M2 Factor
Divergence, full angle (mrad) <2.5 <5 <5 <4
Beam Diameter (mm) 5 x 8 5 x 8 6 x 7 5 x 8
Beam height from base (mm) 24. 8 45 68.2 93.5
Vertical or Horizontal Direction
Pointing stability (mrad)
Noise of Amplitude (rms 1-20Mhz) Build upon request with addtional costs
Operating temperature
10 - 35 Degree Celicus
Power supply
90-264V AC
TTL or Analog modulation
Optional, Specify frequency after order
Expected lifetime (hours)
Warranty Period
1 Year
SKU 655M100
Weight 2.60 Kg
Price: US$490.00 (Euro 406.70)
Model Selection
Power Control
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Alex Brian
Oct 1, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Bought this laser system as I was interested in entering the field of Lab Lasers. I've been part of the laser hobby for 2 years and am glad I chose to go this path!

The laser is of excellent quality, does what it needs to do and is very stylish. Greatly recommend!
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Jul 24, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
University of Duisburg-Essen - Germany

We’re completely satisfied with the product and the service.
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Thomas P
Nov 29, 2010
My school’s STEM Team (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) purchased three benchtop lasers from DragonLasers to develop a full color laser scanner (laser show). The team at DragonLasers helped me to choose the lasers that would fit our budget and provide sufficient power to create a spectacular show. With their advice, I selected a 100mW 532nm, a 300mW 473nm, and a 500mW 650nm laser, which provides a nearly “white” beam with all three lasers near full power. All three had fast analog power control installed. The lasers arrived quickly, well-packed, and well-documented, and in 4 months of daily use, there have been no problems; these are plug-and-play devices.

The lasers integrated into our show quickly and easily; both the laser head and the power supplies are sturdy and compact allowing the entire show to be housed on a 12”x18” board. As the attached pictures show, the final laser scanner produces wall-filling graphics that are visible in full light. In the dark, the show is spectacular. Independent control of the thee laser powers allows the image to be projected in any color, and we hope to bring this under computer control soon. The photo below was taken at a demonstration of our laser show at the Massachusetts FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Championship. The show was a hit and was an inspiration to many of the participants. Thank you for your help in developing this project and for your great lasers.
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Frank C - Germany - Sep 2009
Sep 29, 2009
The laser arrived in best condition yesterday.
We would like to thank you very much for offering and selling this laser device to us.
The device's properties (power, size, price) are outstanding and we are sure this laser will help to improve our scientific work. Your professional management and detailed information policy are outstanding, too. We greatly appreciate your kind service
and I personally recommend your company to all persons and institution considering to purchase high quality laser equipment.
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