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Mark E - UK June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
The dragon lasers beam expander is a great add-on for your laser should you wish to control how big or small the laser dot is at distance or how wide you want your lasers beam width to be.

I have used the beam expander on both my Spartan BP30 pointer and Spartan GW250 pointer, both to great effect.
The beam expander screws onto the end of the Spartan laser like a silencer onto a gun and after doing so doesn't spoil the look of the laser what so ever!

With a Spartan BP30 laser, the beam expander and a little light smoke in the room you have the next best thing to a real blue light sabre.

Using the beam expander on a Spartan laser couldn't be more simpler, simply remove the Spartan's top cap. Screw in the Spartan beam expander adapter ring.
Remove the dust cover caps from the beam expander and screw the small end of the beam expander onto the adapter.

The beam expander is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is durable too.
Mine survived a fall out of a second storey window (don't ask!) and still worked perfectly fine afterwards.

I thoroughly recommend the beam expander as a reliable tool to control your laser's divergence.
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Greg C - Canada June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
The Beam Expander is really looking crazy at night, you remember seeing starwars lightsaber that Beam Expander give the same effect. All my friends get amazed by the Fat Beam... When i set it to be a small mRad, i can see the dot much farther, sometimes i get call from friends asking if i was outside with my lasers...
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Alan K - Ireland - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
The laser beam expander is a handy piece of equipment!

Simple to attach and detach.
Doesn't add much weight to the laser
Widens beam considerably
Increase distance beam can reach
Gives the beam a stunning "green fog" look
Professional design
High quality material -Very strong

The beam expander is a must have accessory for those serious about their laser!
I have used it for months now and am very satisfied with it's capabilities and uses.
But don't just take my word for it, purchase and see for yourself!

Regarding Dragonlasers service: Great price + quick delivery = Very satisifed customer - Me!
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Gustav H - Netherland - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
Gentlemen, the laser beam expander is a another fine product by Dagonlasers, it enables to expand the laser beam to max 33 mRAD, enough to make it a very bright, stunningly bright, yet (for biological entities) harmless beam. Given the quick and appropriate service of dragonlasers, the packet arrived in 5 business days, Dragonlasers is surely the place to pick your stuff.
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Joe W - UK - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
must say that the laser beam expander that i purchased is an amazing piece of kit.
It has at least doubled the burning power if not more on my viper.
I managed to pop a balloon from 30 feet away which i was very pleased with but it did require a high degree of concentration to hold the laser steady, and this is my only critizm.
the expander is quite heavy and large and once fastened to my viper made it a bit nose heavy, and as the viper only has a pressure switch, not an (on off) switch, makes it very difficult to be held still.

I do think it would work a lot better with lasers that have a proper 'on, off' switch as the laser then could be placed somewhere while switched on and you would know that the beam would be absolute rock steady!

Other than that, it still is a fantastic piece of kit and i do highly recommend it to anyone who wants to increase the burning ability or adjust the beam divergence on their laser.
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Carl C - USA - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
I purchased the beam expander for use on my 75mW viper laser pointer and it has made my viper about 10x more powerful ,I can now pop balloons from over 20 feet. I also got the safety goggles and they are phenomenal as well and makes focusing the laser simple. The quality of the beam expander and it's optics are exceptional and would recommend it to anyone interested. I will buy from your company again because your staff and support team are the best in the business.
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Gregorio N - Italy - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
I have bought this great product to increment the maxium distance available with the beam of my Viper 125 mW laser.
With this equipment I have shot a beam to the house of my girlfriend, at 12,5 km from my house, and she has seen the laser beam.
I can say that this product is a very great and beautiful stuff fot all laser entusiasts.
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Eric M - USA - June 2009
Jun 29, 2009
This laser beam expander is nice for the price that it is. I have a few issues though, my viper series laser didn't line up perfectly with the expander so the beam is offset from the center. Also the rotation of the focusing mechanism feels low quality, some better CNC machining would help that. Some way of marking where the focus equals infinity (or close to there) would be nice. Also in the future maybe you could start making larger, higher power expanders. Overall, compared to the average prices for laser expanders this was an excellent buy an I am very happy with it
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Connor M - USA - June 2009
Jun 12, 2009
The service I have had so far has been excellent. Everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. The staff has been quick to respond and even made a courtesy call to me to answer any questions I might have. The difference in time zones between me and dragon lasers is half a day and they have better customer service and quicker responses than companies within 30 minutes of me."

"The beam expander that I purchased was an essential accessory for my laser (Aurora GW 175). It increases the distance by tightening the beam, the result is a nice fine point (about 10 times more). It is also great for widening the beam to cover a larger area or for increased visibility. The expander allows you a good level of control over your laser beam. The expander is also fairly sturdy with a solid metal construction and a very fine precise thread. It is something that I would recommend for a lot of lasers
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Vladimir G - Austria - Apr 2009
Apr 12, 2009
I have fetched your shipment of the beam expander.

I am extremely satisfied with the purchase. Expander is well made

concerning construction, material and optics.

I will recommend it to all interested in such item because its price to

quality ratio is the best I have found on the market.

For the purpose I am using it (interferometry) it is efficient in

spreading the narrow HeNe laser beam (under 0.8) mm diameter to

very handy 5-8 mm. The adapter for laser pointers makes it very easy to


Thank you for your kind assistance.

Please have my best regards
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Brandon W - USA - Sep 2008
Sep 29, 2008
Approximately 1 month ago I purchased the 125mW green viper laser pointer from your site. After 1 month I decided to purchase a beam expander for it as well, here are the results of the purchase. The viper laser pointer is simple to use as well, and has a sleek design as well. The beam of the pointer is clearly visible and the dot can be seen a great distance away. The price for the viper and the beam expander was a fair price. As for the beam expander, the results of which have taken my viper laser pointer and put it on steroids; not only is the dot and beam focusable, but the design of which has a cool miniaturized lightsaber look. In terms of burning power the viper can pop balloons, light matches, burn dark surfaces, and light fireworks. With the beam expander the burning range has been tripled if not more by a distance of up to a meter or two. I highly recommend the viper for those who are just starting to collect lasers; I also recommend the beam expander for any laser you purchase on this site. These lasers and accessories are the highest quality I have found on the internet.
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