Astronomy Lasers

Astronomy laser pointers are an ideal tool for both astronomy professionals and hobbyists. The bright beam of a laser pointer can quickly and easily point out celestial objects in the sky. The highly visible beam of the laser will appear to be touching celestial objects such as planets and stars, clearly identifying them to your friends and audience.

Astronomy laser pointers are also used mounted on telescopes where the bright laser beam can quickly, accurately and easily align the telescope. Another ideal use for lasers with telescopes is for aligning the lens and mirrors within a telescope to give perfect image quality.

astronomy lasers

Safety Guidelines for an Astronomy Laser - Although lasers are a great tool for astronomers, the beam can be very dangerous if the laser is not used properly. NEVER point lasers at aircraft or even use lasers when aircraft are in the sky. Keep the laser turn off when it is not being used to point at celestial objects. Do not let children play with lasers.

Buyer Guide For Astronomy Laser Pointers
Viper 35mW Green Laser Pointer - Ideal for normal conditions at night.
Viper 637nm 50mW Red Laser Pointer - Bright red beam for pointing stars
Hulk 100mW and Spartan 100mW Laser Pointers - recommended for low light conditions such as dawn, dusk and areas with light pollution.