Dragon Lasers :: Benchtop Model TF

Benchtop Model TF

405nm Gaussian TEM00 Laser
This Laser includs laser head and power driver
Dimensions Weight Drawing
Laser Head  146*58*45mm 0.7kg Link
Power Driver 188.6*155*92mm 1.5kg Link
Manual Power Control knob built on power driver
LED Indicator shows laser diode working current data
TTL and Analog Modulation are built upon request, 2kHz Standard Frequency
Wide range 90V to 264V AC
Power Consumption less than 30W per hour
Operating Tempearure at 10 to 35 degrees C
This Model is coming with 1 Year Warranty

The TF series are well collimated diode lasers. Featured of excellent beam quality


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TF Series Violet Blue Laser Systems
TF Series Violet Blue Laser Systems
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Diode Violet Blue Laser System with Gaussian quality TEM00 beam mode
Price: US$2100.00 (Euro 1743.00)