Bird Control with Laser Pointers

It is easy and simple to use a laser to dispel annoying fowls. Make the birds flying away without hurting them. The birds will be frightened and not to come back.

Our lasers are using in many countries for farmers protecting their lands and scientists working in forests.

Spartan 637nm 90mW Red Laser Pointer Control birds from 100m to 1km
This laser has a very bright red beam and very low divergence. The beam is still concentrated and bright enough to scare birds from long distance.

Spartan 532nm 100mW to 300mW Green Laser Pointer control birds from 100m to 1km
This laser has the brightest beam to human eyes and widely used for many long range pointing applications.

Attachable Laser Beam Expander help increase the range of scaring birds to near 5km

Watch Video of Scaring Birds (Avian Dispersal) with a Green Laser Pointer

Watch Video to know why birds are scared from 4km away