Laser Pointer Operation


Every laser pointer and portable laser from Dragonlasers should last you for at least 5000 hours if you look after it properly.In practical terms, that means if you use your laser for 3 hours a day every day, your laser will last you for over 4.5 years.

Here are some tips on looking after your laser to make sure it does last for over 5000 hours

When not in use, do not keep the batteries in your laser. If the batteries are left in your laser pointer or portable laser, they may cause corrosion of the battery terminals and other problems.

Always keep the lens covered when your laser is not in use. For portable lasers such as the Hulk, this means keeping the lens shutter closed. For laser pointers such as the Viper, you can cover the lens with tape or a similar weak adhesive.Just be careful the tape will come of the lens cover cleanly. 

Your laser should be stored in a dry place with humidity of no more than 45% and temperature should ideally be no lower than 0 Celsius and no higher than 50 Celsius.

Handle your lasers gently. These lasers are sophisticated electronic devices with delicate optics that should always be treated gently, never roughly.

The lens are very easy to be damaged or scratched when cleaning them so great care should always be used. Ideally you should get a professional such a camera repair/service person to clean your lens for you.

Power Supply : We suggest customers to use fresh batteries or full charged rechargeable batteires to supply a laser pointer. This is because all kinds of batteries drops voltage after some use, a used battery maybe just supply 1.0V since the rating of the battery is 1.5V. A laser is built to be powered by 3 volts that means lower than 2.5V power supply will cause the laser can not give enough output power or it does not work.

Working Temperature: All lasers are sensitive to temperature, and a laser generates heat by itself when it is working. If the heat inside a laser module can not be sent out in time, the temperature of the laser's body will be keeping on increased. A laser can not be working well when the temperature is too high or too low, the ideal working temperature for a laser is from 20 to 26 Celsius, the general temperature for a laser to be working is from 10 to 35 Celsius.

Heat Sink: External objects can help the heat sinking from the laser when it is working or transfer more heat to the laser if the external objects is at a higher temperature. The laser body/case of our lasers are ideally for heat transferring.

Laser Lens: A laser's lens is in the front the laser and covered by a front cap. It is always possible that the lens is dirty, a very tiny dust on the lens will cause the laser beam to be diffused. A laser lens is more sensitive than a camera's lens, It can be cleaned by professional person from a camera shop or cleaned with professional equipments.