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Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Safety Glasses 70
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laser safety glasses

The human eye is very sensitive to laser radiation and can easily be injured by direct or reflected laser beams. Laser safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes by reducing the amount of light from lasers with specific wavelengths to a safe level while transmitting enough light for good vision.

Our laser safety goggles provide both adequate protection (OD) AND high visibility (VLT), suit all laser needs and are ideal for scientific, industrial, medical, surgical users and laser hobbyists.

laser safety glasses laser safety glasses laser safety glasses


Model LSG02 LSG08 LSG09
Laser Wavelength Range (nm) 190-548 190-450, 598-752 190-450, 717-1097
Laser Beam Color UV, Blue, Green UV, Red UV, Near IR
Laser Type
Diode Laser, DPSS, HeNe,YAG
LAB Certification


High Optical Densities and excellent visibility
Crush proof, light and comfortable frame.
High visible light transmission, objects do not appear dark, laser beam dot is clearly visible
Exceed European and US safety standards
Anti fog lens
Fast response to light, less than one nanosecond
The entire lens has high optical density not just the lens surface so scratched glasses will still provide protection
Best quality and prices on the market

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Weight 0.16 Kg
Price: US$14.99 (Euro 12.44)
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