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Laser System Information

Laser System Instructions  

laser system


Model Selection alow website users to choose laser system model and optical output power.

Output Power is usually rated in Watt and mW ( milliwatt). The actual optical output power of our laser systems are a little bit higher than the rated value.

Power stability is optional to be less than 5%, 3% or 1%. Measured with rms over 4 hours.
Please NOTE that the power stability is measured when a laser is operating at max power.

Power Control of a laser system can be TTL modulation, Analog modulation and Manual control.
The default setting is CW ( Continuous Wave ) and TTL modulation.
TTL modulation takes 0V or 5V DC signal and it controls a laser to be on and off.
Analog modulation takes 0V to 5V DC signal and it controls a laser to be at any fixed power level.
Manual control includes a power control knob built onto power driver and adjusting the knob turns the power from min to max. Manual control also includes an LED on the power driver to show the working current value of the laser diode. Manual control option also includes a BNC plug for connecting other modulation devices. Once a buyer chooses modulation please notify us about the modulation signal frequency that you will use so that your laser can be tested properly during manufacturing.

Operation Manual

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