Dragonlasers provide single longitudinal mode, long coherent length, high stability lasers for laser holography and relevant components also can be provided.

High reliability single longitudinal mode lasers
Easy to install and maintain. Relevant components can be provided
Customized solution can be provided upon request

Choices of wavelengths from  360nm to 1550 nm.
Multi-wavelengths system is also available on request

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473SFN30 SFN Series 473nm Laser for Holography
  • $5850.00
532SFN50 SFN Series 532nm Holographic Lasers
  • $3250.00
556SFN30 SFN Series 556nm Laser For Holography
  • $3150.00
561SFN30 SFN Series 561nm Laser Holography
  • $2860.00
639SFN50 SFN Series 639nm Single Longitude Mode Lasers
  • $5200.00