Marking Machine

Lasers are widely used for marking and engraving. The advantages of laser marking compared to traditional marking are multifold. The marking process is more efficient, non-tactile and doesn't include any mechanical stress.
Mini Laser marking systems feature with short pulse duration and high peak power, also compact dimension and high fine precise marking lines, which enable laser marking used in a wide range of applications (diamond, metal, steel, IC, plastics, package, logo, etc.).

Laser Printing Samples:

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MINI1064LM30 1064nm Laser Marking Machine for Laser Printing Material Engraving
  • $2350.00
MINI532LM15 532nm Mini Laser Marking Machine 15kW
  • $5350.00
MINI355LM10 355nm 10kW Mini Laser Marking Machine
  • $6200.00