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Score: 4.93 (votes: 15)
Score: 4.93 (votes: 15)
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  • Ad
    Aug 21, 2019, 03:07
    I am very pleased with the unit i recieved, superb beam quality and the housing is beautifully constructed, 5 stars from me!
    Dragon Lasers
    Aug 23, 2019, 14:29
    Thank you for your feedback
  • Daralyn Conte
    May 16, 2017, 02:00
    Great quality product, I am very pleased with my laser pointer and will be ordering another one!
  • Brad
    Jan 28, 2017, 02:00
    I got the 90mW rated Spartan 635nm laser to add a wavelength to my collection and it is so different compared to 650nm lasers.
    Also metered mine and it puts out a steady 107mW throughout the entire duty cycle.
    The laser does not eat batteries and never so much as noticeably warms up.
  • Marcus bonner
    Oct 25, 2015, 19:02
    I bought the spartan 90mw red laser to add to my collection it really performs great. The beam is very thin and has a bright red orange color dot and it travels very far. the duty cycle is long and it barely gets warm i love the spartan host its very cool but simple i wont hesitate to buy here again dragonlasers is the best.
  • Malcolm Wollaston
    May 25, 2015, 02:00
    Dear Sir
    Thank you very much for your email and really very sorry for not getting back sooner with not been very well and other things going on.
    Sadly I cant say much about the laser, even though your company were very quick in sending it to me and I received it in about 5 days, yes very quick, Sadly the other company that I ordered the Battery`s and charger from TOOK Over 5 Weeks Not to Arrive so I had to order them from somewhere else.
    By the time I got them it was too late to stop the seagulls from nesting, and now they have eggs in the nest, So I am Really Very sorry I cant give a very good report, I Wish I could.
    Kindest Regards

    Malcolm Wollaston
  • Niels
    Nov 27, 2014, 02:00
    I purchased a 50mw Viper and 90mw Spartan 637 nm from Dragonlasers about a week ago. It took only one week to ship to my home. I'm very satisfied with the build quality. Both the lasers have a thin but bright beam, especially for a red laser. If you do not own, or own a 650nm laser, I definitely recommend getting this!

    I've written a way more detailed review on the well know laserpointerforums, take a look at it!
  • martin stähle
    Nov 14, 2014, 02:00
    Vor 2 Tagen erhielt ich den Laserpointer Viper 637nm mit 50 mw Ausgangsleistung. Da ich in Deutschland wohne, habe ich den Pointer zu einem Verwandten in Frankreich schicken lassen, und von dort dann zu mir. Dies hat gute 2 Wochen gedauert. Nun zum Pointer:
    Die Leistung des Gerätes enspricht den Vorstellungen die ich von 50mw rot hatte. Die etwas hellere Färbung im vergleich zu 650nm ist gut zu erkennen (Das Rot hat einen deutlichen orange-Stich.) Am Tage kann man den Punkt auf einer weissen Wand noch deutlich in 300m Entfernung sehen. Durch die sagenhaft niedrige Divergenz ist die Lichtkonzentration auch in weiter Entfernung noch auf einen sehr kleinen Bereich gebündelt. Die Sichtbarkeit des Strahles im Dunkeln ist vor dem Pointer gut, hinter dem Pointer in Ordnung und von der Seite eher dürftig je nach Wetterlage. Für Starpointing reicht er aber aus. Im Nebel ist das Gerät allerdings ein Traum wie ich gestern festellen durfte - die niedrige Divergenz macht sich gerade hier auch in beträchtlicher Entfernung vor dem Pointer positiv bemerkbar. Für kokelfreudige ist hier allerdings eine Lupe Pflicht und selbst dann nur sehr eingeschränkt (dunkles Plastik). Die Verarbeitung macht einen guten Eindruck, wie man es ja vom Viper gewöhnt ist. Der Powerknopf ist schwer zu drücken, was die Gefahr einer unabsichtlichen Aktivierung des Gerätes deutlich mindert. Da sich die Temperatur des Pointers auch nach den angegebenen 3 Minuten nicht spürbar erhöht, wäre ein wenig mehr Ausgangsleistung meiner Meinung nach kein wirkliches technisches Problem. Alles in allem bekommt man für die 58 € + Versand aber einen sehr guten Pointer der nur die Höchstwertung bekommen kann.

    2 days ago I received the laser pointer 637nm Viper with 50 mw output power. Because I live in Germany, I let the pointer send to a related in France, and from there to me. This took a good 2 weeks. Now for the pointer:
    The performance of the device corresponds to the ideas I had of 50mw red. The slightly lighter color to 650nm compared can be clearly seen (The red has a distinct orange stitch.) During the day you can clearly see the point on a white wall still 300 meters away. By fabulously low divergence light concentration is still bundled in the distance on a very small area. The visibility of the beam in the dark is good before the pointer after the pointer in order and from the side rather poor weather permitting. But enough visibility for Starpointing. In the mist the device is a dream as I could determine yesterday - the low divergence makes particularly here at a considerable distance in front of the pointer positive impact. For friends of burning here is a magnifying glass obligation and even then only to a very limited (dark plastic). The processing makes a good impression on how it's used by the Viper. The power button is hard to press, which significantly reduces the risk of inadvertent activation of the device. Since not appreciably improve the temperature of the pointer after the specified 3 minutes a little more output power would, in my opinion, no be a real technical problem. All in all you get for 58 € + shipping but a very good pointer. It can only get the highest score.

  • eric cowell
    May 23, 2014, 02:00
    it sick blud
  • J-E-C
    May 14, 2014, 02:00
    I ordered the Spartan 90mw and it arrived in about 10 days in good package. This laser is as bright as my 220mw 650nm, and I can see the dot very well even at 2000 meters , the beam at night is well visible .This is a very good quality laser, and a serious company.
  • Robert Seward
    Apr 17, 2014, 02:00
    This red laser 90 mw suited all my needs. I have to align optical eyes that are over 100 feet from each other- no problem seeing my mark with this laser. Very reliable, excellent construction.
Items: 110 of 14, per page