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Score: 5.00 (votes: 33)
Score: 5.00 (votes: 33)
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  • Chris D - USA - Mar 2010
    Mar 30, 2010, 01:00
    I recently purchased the orange 3mW laser pointer from Dragon Lasers. I’ve used red and then green lasers in the past but even the green ones are too common these days so I wanted something different. As a presenter at international conferences I have already had two chances to use my new laser and it performed flawlessly both times. I’ve had a lot of lasers and this one is of good quality. If I could make improvements it would be to make the switch a little easier to push and to upgrade the case to look a little more flashy to better suit this special laser product.
  • Simon A - Canada - Sep 2008
    Sep 30, 2008, 01:00
    The Orange laser pointer is personally my favorite color. This amazing golden-yellow laser is strikingly bright for only 5mW. This truly one of the rarest laser pointers in the world. Few people has ever seen an orange laser pointer and using this laser at your next presentation will be sure to make you the center of attention! This is the best price you will find anywhere for 593.5nm laser, and you simply can't beat the quality.
  • Gregorio N - Italy - Aug 2008
    Aug 30, 2008, 01:00
    I have ordered a 2mW Orange laser pointer. It's come to me in seven days from the order date, good shipping.
    I have measure the output power with my power meter. The power peak is 2,44mW, then the output will be stabilized to about 2mW.
    The output power of all orange lasers are not stable, because this type of DPSS laser works very hard: the wavelength of 593,5nm is made by summation of two line of nd:YAG crystal, 1064nm and 1342nm and after this, there is a crystal for doubling the wavelength, to transform the IR light in orange light.
    At night or in a dark room the beam is a few visible, and the orange beam is very unique.
    This laser pointer has the IR filter, for safe and for increase the beam spec, the IR filter can be removed by unscrewing the front cap, because it is glued under the cap.
    Without the IR filter the output power has peak at about 20mW, but for safe is better to don't remove it.
    Good product, thanks Dragon Lasers, you are a good deal.
    A special thanks to Frank, because he is a lot of kind and helpful.
Items: 3133 of 33, per page