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Darrin k - USA - May 2008
May 29, 2008
You have impressed me more than you know, this has been exceedingly unusual for me and my company. You really do stand behind your product. I can personally say that I will have my company purchase all our lasers through you.
Thank you and I hope you take pride in what you say and truly do honor your customer. I look forward to passing on your name to our customer. Thank you!
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Markus M - Germany - May 2008
May 29, 2008
Thank you very much dragonlasers for this GREAT Laserpointer! I heard so much bad things about High powered DPSS Laserpointers because of all this cheap lasers from other companies that have no IR filter or heat sink for example, but YOUR laserpointers are excellent! Very good Quality, Power and Divergenz! The service was very very good too! All my E-mails were answered so fast and instant messaging was very nice too! Shipping time was good ( 6 days incl. weekend ). I will recommend you and if i am going to buy 1 more laser i will definitively buy ONLY from your Shop!!! You are the best Lasershop i have ever seen!!! Thanks again!!! :)
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Craig J - USA - May 2008
May 29, 2008
One word: WOW. Seeing a Viper laser in a picture or in a video is pretty cool, but having the real thing in the palm in your hand is much different. This laser is extremely powerful and I am still amazed by it today. Though burning things with this laser is definitely fun, I enjoy it the most at night. The beam is incredibly bright. All in all, if you don't have a Viper laser get one today. They are worth every penny.
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Gregorio N
Apr 29, 2008
The laser pointer "Viper series 125 mw" was arrived at my house in Italy in only six days, and is very powerfull and it has a very beautyfull green beam. Thanks Dragon Lasers.
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Andreas A
Apr 29, 2008
Today i got my 125mW Viper Laser and it´s really great. I´m living in Vienna and for about one hour (dark night) I tried it out on the roof of my building…… wow……
It goes far….far…. and even more far…… You really have to take care where you lightning at J
I can see a clear bright dot at a building whats about 4-5 km away. That’s about 3 miles. Amazing thing. Customer Service is first class. Shipping really fast. (Order on Thursday – delivery on Wednesday – 6 days).
Thank you, now I have seen the power of the 125mW maybe the next one will be the Hulk
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Matthew B
Apr 29, 2008
after buying so called powerfull lasers from ebay in the past,i discovered dragon lasers on your tube and saw what lasers are meant to do,so i decided to buy the viper series 125mw,dragonlasers had a great online service which answered all my questions and the delivery was very quick to the uk,now i have a laser that can burn plastic and pop balloons,if you want a proper laser you need to spend the money,and at last i have a proper laser and will never go to ebay again,great product from a great company and i for one never bother writing testimonials that how inpressed i am with dragon lasers
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Peter K
Apr 29, 2008
Thank you for fast delivery of your Viper Series 125mW Laserpointer.
Optimal package and tricky declaration.

Having read your "Comparison Chart For Burning and Power" I have had great expectations about the power of the beam. I was somewhat disappointed, that the beam is invisible in daylight. Not to be seen neither outdoors nor indoors even in dull weather.
The beam begins to be visible against a background wich is dark gray to black if I reduce the incident light to 50 lx (4,6 foot candle). Above only dust-particles are sparkling.

The power consumption is 1,75 W (current 0,62A). Assumed an efficiency of 7% the declared power of 125 mW should be reached. Do you measure the output individually? Do you have readings of myspecimen #1156? Matches with black heads are inflamed within 2 sec at a distance of more than 30 cm. So I think the power is ok, but the description of visibility should be stated more precisely.

There should be a warning not to fire matches directly in front of the laser. The smoke deposits onto the lens and afterwards the stray-light produces a wide speckle pattern around the laser dot. I had to clean the lens thereafter.

My main application is to annoy and drive away carrion crows. They occupy roofs and trees in cohorts croak beastly and drive away the songbirds. The laser works superb in that job. Now after few days we could enjoy a crow free zone and the songbirds are returning.

Thank you for that fantastic working and well build tool.
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Patrick G
Apr 14, 2008
I am just writing in reguards to your product. My order did finally arrive to me today. and i am very pleased with my laser. It has become a very important tool for me out here. I am a US soldier currently serving in Iraq and it has become a very impotant tool for me to get cars to stop and just basicly using another means of escalation of force. thank you for the great product.
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Joshua S
Apr 12, 2008
The laser arrived within 6 days, very quick delivery. All i can say is that it is absolutely amazing. After reading some dragon lasers comments, i ordered it, and the service was amazing. I can pop ballons, sting skin, light matches, burn tyres, and do almost anything. Thanks for such a great laser, and i will be dealing with Dragonlasers again!
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Jerel M
Apr 11, 2008
I FEAR THE HULK!!!! My buddies and I first played with my little 5mw
(ebay) laser and was like "Cool" . I showed the the Hulk and jaws dropped. We feared it's awesome green blaze that lights up a room adjacent to the one we were in. I have sent photos to the sales email address. The 5mw was okay to take out on any night, but the Hulk demanded our respect and increased caution. They understand why I tell them they need to put on the goggles now. I \We love it..... Burned black plastic easily so far , ready to try matches...and more ?
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Lee M
Mar 29, 2008
Id researched the laser websites for a good, solid high powered green laser and finally found dragon lasers. I was a bit apprehensive about buying from China but after reading the reviews on other sites I went for it. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the 95mW viper. Ive never seen anything like it before. The price, selection, shipping, support, and product itself are exceptional! I will absolutely be recommending dragon lasers to everyone. Thanks so much to them for the excellent transaction!
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Rokas L
Mar 29, 2008
This product is truly awesome. The beam is so so bright at night i could not believe, especialy when you point at sky...
I am very pleased with my product and i will recommend to everyone. AWESOME
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James P
Mar 12, 2008
I have to say, I love this laser. It's small, sleek, compact, looks better than the big bulky heatsinked lasers but performs just as well. It burns everything I point it at, lights matches instantly, pops balloons just as quickly and has never failed to do anything I've tried with it. The communication was excellent from the beginning and shipping was very fast, the laser was packaged well and arrived safely at my doorstep. The only bad thing was waiting for it! I've recommended Dragonlasers to all my friends and will continue to do so.
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Brent T
Feb 29, 2008
If I had only known about you five years ago. You would have saved me $1300.00 dollars.

I have been using lasers to control over 50,000 winter roosting starlings for five years now. The laser I have been using is a 50mw red laser with a diffuser lens to make the spot bigger. Only one problem, starlings are not night flyers. I needed a laser that could scare the birds in daylight. I now can chase them up 30 minutes earlier.

Ten minutes after sun set they push one last time. The Hulk laser has such a bright beam, I can literally lasso 500 or more birds and herd them away from target. This too cool.

Your customer service was GREAT! The quality build of laser is better than the price by far.

I may be getting another one so I can use both hands to work flock from two directions. It's time for me to expand my bird services to geese and sea gulls.

Thank you so much for your help and concern that I get the correct laser for the job.

All the best from a new friend in the USA.

Owner of a pest control company
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Trevor S - Australia - Feb 2008
Feb 29, 2008
Bought the Hulk 125mw laser. I use it for pointing out building defects while photographing them. This allows me to side step photo editing and saves time. the laser has already paid for itself. As for the fun stuff... what a great conversation piece when friends drop by, along with the normal party tricks. I have found many uses for the laser. The quality and power has exceeded my expectations. I will be buying more in the future. Keep up the good work and build quality.
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Matthew H - USA - Feb 2008
Feb 29, 2008
The Hulk laser from Dragonlasers is truely a remarkable device. I've never seen a laser "pointer" with such a powerful beam that is amazingly bright and focused. The beam is incredibly bright, it is visible even in a semi lit room during the day. At night, the dot is visible on radio towers almost 1/2 mile away, and is great for stargazing. Very impressive to me and everyone I show it to.
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Mark W
Feb 13, 2008
After becoming interested in picking up a laser, DragonLasers was the first place I found. After hearing they were suposed to be the best, I took more interest in actually ordering from them. I was very cautious at first, as you never know what you're getting on the internet. But they certainly showed that I had no need to worry. There customer service team were very supportive and always willing to listen or answer your questions. Also the product does exactly what it says on the tin, the highest qulity at a very low price. I was absolutely amazed at the quality in the green beam, how bright it was and how far it seems to go, it far exceeded my expectations. One thing I can say about a DragonLaser though is that it's no joke, it truely is a powerful laser.
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Dan V
Feb 12, 2008
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Jason G
Jan 29, 2008
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Dragonlaser Hulk that I recently purchased. It has lived up to or beaten every expectation I had for it, and I will most definitely purchase from you again.
On another note, I was impressed with the shipping. My order shipped on Jan 3rd from China, and arrived on my doorstep in Texas, USA on Jan 7th, a grand total of four days shipping. That is outstanding! I can not get an order shipped from inside the US to my door as fast as that!
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Michael K
Jan 29, 2008
To be honest I have bought a laserpointer at ucomshop 5 weeks ago and I was not really satisfied. I wondered, if it would make sense to buy another one at your company - for 270 Euros instead of 110 Euros !!!

But I am rally satisfied. The laserpointer is superb. Unbelievable. The 110 Euros Laserpointer from ucomshop is marked less than 100 mW. This can also be 10 mW. It can only seldom pop balloons and is not very good visible at daylight. Not comparable to your laserpointer.

I will have some fun with it and I will wait for the even more powerfull to become cheaper ;-))
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Michael T
Jan 12, 2008
I would like to say a big thank you to dragonlasers.

before i purchased a green laser point from dragonlasers, i got scammed over £100 on shoddy green laser pointers from ebay, when i saw a youtube vid from "dragonlasers" showing what they can do, and that they are much safer than others. seeing this i was alittle wary, but decided to go for it.

Dragon lasers helped me in every way, when i was worried about my account, payment and the item in general.

Anyway i purchased a dragonlaser viper 95mW as that was the only one i could afford atm. It took only 4 days to be delivered after dispatch! (to the UK, and also the tracking was very good).

i was very nervous opening the box due to recent events of ebay, but was astonished by how good of quality the laser was.

Product Quality - 10/10
Shipment - 10/10
Customer Service - 10/10
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Toma K
Jan 12, 2008
The laser pointer arrived at my house on yesterday.
That's very very good laser:D
Thank you very mutch.
PS : I'm Japanese student. So my English is not good. sry.
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Michael T
Dec 12, 2007
I have really enjoyed having my 100 mW green hand held laser. It is awesome for pointing out stars in the night sky when teaching family and friends about constellations and deep sky objects. Even when the beam is viewed from a great distance to the side of the person holding the laser, there is no mistake about which star or spot in the sky I am pointing at because the beam is so bright and easily visible.
Shipping was very prompt and there were no problems at all with sending my order via e-mail.
Thanks for a incredible product at a great price.
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Kenneth B
Oct 29, 2007
I received my 125mW Viper laser pointer today...simply the most amazing device I own save my cell phone. It only took six days to arrive despite the Labor Day holiday. I've been collecting lasers since 1987 ranging from $450 to $10, and this one is by far the best value for its amazing power! I am now saving my pennies for a high-power Hulk series green laser.
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Amange S
Oct 29, 2007
Det her laser kan brænde alt og om natten kan man se beamen op i himlen som om den aldrig slutter. Efter jeg har købt den her 95mw viper så har jeg tænkt på købe den på 125mw og dragonlasers har god kunde service og jeg er meget tilfreds meget for ders vare. Så hvis du vil gerne købe en laser så er det her du skal købe. Jeg viste ikke at en laser kunne være så stærk. jeg har set mange video på men det er meget mere stærker i virkligheden..SÅ GREAT SERVICE AND GREAT PRODUCKT. THANK YOU
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