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Carol M
Oct 29, 2007
First of let me say that it has definitely been a great experience purchasing lasers from you. Unfortunately my husband returned the laser he had previously purchased which was the Hulk series laser 200-300mW. He was satisfied with the product but unfortunately he wanted a smaller one, because he said that the laser wouldn't fit in his pocket pants. Even returning the laser was a great experience, there is a person not sure his name but works in the Sales Department who helped us throughtout the whole process, he definitely made it a really pleasant experience, he was extremely helpful. Even though we returned the laser my husband has recently decided to purchase the Viper series 125mW we are really excited, especially because of the attention Dragon lasers has given us. Thank you very much Dragon Lasers!!
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Nico R
Oct 13, 2007
Wow... I bought a Viper 95mW and I'm so amazed!!!
Dragonlasers is the most professional Team I had ever purchase.
The service and contact by email is so excellent that exclude all possibility of doubt.
My laser being delivered to my adress in Germany from 23. Nov up to 26 Nov.!
The green laser produces a clearly visible beam in daylight and you can see the laser dot hundered metres away also in daylight. I can light matches and pop balloons with it easily.
It's hard to believe how powerfull a laser can be.

For the German Laser Fans:
Ich habe mir den Viper 95mW bestellt und bin erstaunt.
Dragonlasers ist wirklich ein professionelles Team welches auf alle Fragen schnell und klar antwortet.
Der Laser wurde am Freitag den 23 Nov. eingereicht und kam bei mir zu Hause am 26. Nov. an!
Die Sendung konnte man super online verfolgen! Den Laserstrahl erkennt man klar und deutlich und den Laserpunkt kann man auch noch im Tageslicht in hunderten von Metern gut erkennen. In der Dunkelheit ist es einfach unbeschreiblich wie stark der Laser ist. Ich habe mir rote Streichhölzer gekauft und Wasserballons.
Die Streichhölzer entzündet er auch in einer entfernung von 20cm super schnell und die Ballons platzen in Sekunden.
Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ein so kleiner Laser so stark sein kann.
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Nicholas E
Oct 11, 2007
I just wanted to thank you for your great service. I had chatted with one of your live online support people who kindly answered all of my questions and provided great advice to help me in choosing a laser. I went with the 100-150mW Hulk laser, which has now arrived and in perfect condition. This was my first time using a class IIIb laser so needless to say its effects are really quite exciting to me; burning holes in dark material without difficulty and shining in the night sky like a saber. Also got some green-filtering goggles to shield my eyes, of course.
All in all I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and I'd recommend you to anyone else with an interest in lasers. :)
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Wayne L
Sep 29, 2007
After a month of use I feel confident this is a high quality laser that is going to last. And at 95 mW it does everything its suppose to. Shipping took 1 week including the weekend. My only complaint is I had to go to the competition for eye protection. I will come back to check as the technology matures and the price drops further. Could a 1/2 watt be in my future? At about half the price of everyone else I'm sure it will come from Dragon.
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Jeremy J
Sep 29, 2007
OH MY GOD!! I just receaved my 95mw laser! In 5 days, even with a change of address in the middle of the shipping. I couldnt believe how much power this thing had! Very good costomer support! thanks alot.
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Matthew H
Sep 24, 2007
The service from you guys was quite brilliant really, can't complain about anything the whole transaction from order to recieval was fantastic & easy with plenty of communication. The product itself i've been really happy with in the short time i've had it. Highly recommend you guys for anyone looking for the laser.
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Jesse M
Sep 19, 2007
I had a very good experience with my 35mW green viper. The customer service response was fairly quick and clear. I would recommend that dragon lasers simply show the time-on limit for safe use. It is good to know.
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Joe T
Sep 17, 2007
I teach an astronomy course and use a green laser to pinpoint stars, constellations, and other celestial objects for students. A laser that projects bright at long distances is extremely difficult to locate. There are countless businesses marketing high powered lasers, but almost all fall short. A fellow educator recommended Dragon Lasers as the business to trust, and I haven't for a moment been disappointed. Thanks!
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Andrew H
Sep 13, 2007
So far my experience has been great with dragonlasers, your customer service is very fast to reply back. So far I love my DL-95 it impresses everyone and most importantly me every time I use it.
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Stephane B
Sep 12, 2007
All I have to say is that I am very pleased and impressed with the service and the products that I have received from Dragon Lasers. Not only do they ship fast and safe, but any question you might have are answered very quickly. Thank you.
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Paul D
Sep 12, 2007
i'm very enjoy to have my dragon laser 5 days to come in france it's cool sorry for my bad english
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Gaston P
Aug 29, 2007
J’ai toujours eu envie d’avoir un laser dont on pouvait voir le faisceau
Lumineux. J’ai déjà eu des lasers à diode « rouge » mais très peu puissants (< 1 mW)
qui faisaient finalement office de pointeur, mais qui n’étaient absolument pas impressionnants à faire fonctionner.
Pour cela j’ai fait des recherches sur internent, et je suis donc tombé sur votre site où j’ai été impressionné
par la puissance des lasers qu’on pouvait y trouver. Le site est clair et très bien fait, notamment par les photos
et les vidéos qu’on peut y voir. J’ai envoyé quelques mails pour avoir diverses précisions et vous m’avez toujours
répondu rapidement et de façon très courtoise. Après quoi, j’ai décidé de commander un laser de la série Viper,
un laser 55 mW donc je suis très satisfait. J’ai été très impressionné par sa puissance d’émission, la lumière est très claire,
d’un vert très intense, le faisceau est bien visible de face mais également de dos, ce qui permet de voir matérialisé dans le ciel la nuit.
C’est impressionnant, vraiment ce laser fonctionne à merveille et j’en suis extrêmement satisfait.
Merci à vous pour votre excellent service, pour votre accueil à la fois courtois et très professionnel.
J’envisage prochainement l’achat d’un laser 125 mW pour encore plus de lumière.
Encore merci à DragonLaser.
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Scott W
Aug 29, 2007
The Laser was quick to arrive and in excellent condition. It is very usefull in our daily lab experiments. We are often needing something with more power but for now this laser is adequate.
Thanks Scott
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Robert G
Aug 29, 2007
I am very impessed with your product, it is unmatched in the market. I have a few other lasers, none of which are as vibrant as yours! I will keep your name in mind when buying future products.
Thanks again for a good product and hours of entertainment!
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Dylan G
Aug 29, 2007
This was my first laser and I am happy with the product. Really quick postage time. It was posted in about 4 days.
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Jerry S
Aug 29, 2007
I have owned a few red lasers in my time and never really got into the burning and long range lasers. I must say that I have been nothing but impressed so far with the performance of my new Green Laser. The green color is so vibrant and bright and can be seen for miles. Simply an amazing product and worth every penny. Would recommend it to anyone interested. Well worth it!!! Thank You!!!
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Thomas C
Aug 29, 2007
yes i think the laser kicks ass i love it the service was brill everything from picking what i want to receiving it was amazing thanks alot for the good quality laser and the the superb service :)
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Andrew G
Aug 29, 2007
I baught the 125 Viper Laser, it said delivery would be aproximatley 10 days, the laser actually came before this, which was a big bonus, quality of the laser is very good, it has an excelent range, excelent brightness, has a very visible beam in the sky at night!

also a lot of help was given to me in choosing my laser, i asked numerous questions, all of which were answered and helped a lot.

Excelent Customer Service, excelent delivery service.

no complaints at all!

would definatley buy from again.

Thanks a lot
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Steven H
Aug 29, 2007
The guys at dragonlasers are the best! I received my 55mw green laser in
5 days, that's right, in just 5 days. Needless to say the beam is very bright at night. It will burn holes in dark trash bags in a few seconds.
I haven't tried to pop balloons yet but it does sting your skin in 5 or 6 seconds. My only regret is that I didn't go for more power. Oh well, this one is still lots of fun! Thanks again..
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Ian S
Aug 29, 2007
I was looking about the internet for months looking for a good deal on a high powered laser and finally settled with Dragon Lasers, mostly down to the high power for little price! I got a Viper 75mW which in other places its double the price I got it! Loving the laser, cant get enough of the green beam and the b urning power, I will definatly recommend this place to other people and I will be buying from you again in the near future.
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Joaquin G - USA - Aug 2007
Aug 29, 2007
I received my 125mW Hulk laser today and I was very pleased with the the care in which my laser was packed. Also it took a short 7 days from the time I ordered it for me to receive my laser. The construction of the laser is fantastic! In the pics on the site it looks like the housing on the laser was made of plastic but that's not the case. It's made of a sturdy metal!
(The whole housing not just parts of it). I owned a 10mW laser from a another company and I thought the beam that it produced was impressive but when put side by side there was no comparison. The Hulk 125mW ROCKS! The beam was constant with no visual change in the power of the beam as with my other laser it starts out bright and it immediately fades. I will defiantly order my next laser from Dragon Lasers!
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Bora K - Turkey - Aug 2007
Aug 29, 2007
This is probably the best green laser torch i have ever seen in my life. I got it in a very short time without any problem. I tested it and it is wonderful. The laser beam is incredible. It burns matches and plastic in one second. Finally, many thanks to DragonLasers for selling these high quality lasers woldwide. And cheers to everyone from Turkey ;)
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Nick K
Aug 27, 2007
My apologies for not replying to my previous email. I was able to use an optical cleaning solution and clean the outer lens. The beam is much clearer. I thank you for your support and follow-up.
I'll be sure to recommend your company.
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Curtis R
Aug 25, 2007
I loved the laser I ordered, I just purchased 2 more for a gift for my Father, and Uncle!
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Greg W
Aug 24, 2007
My 75mw laser is great the beam can be seen in daylight and pops balloons in about 3 seconds i also love the shiping 7 days including the weekends its the best for the money.
Greg from New Jersey
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