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About The Company

Dragonlasers was founded in 2006 and is an Australian-Chinese joint venture company. Dragonlasers is managing the website and providing international customer support. Since its creation in 2006 Dragonlasers has become a well established and famous brand name in the international laser market. Dragonlasers is located in the city of Chang Chun, China's the laser and optics technology capital. Dragonlasers cooperates and works with China's largest and most prestigious optics and physics research institute.

Our designers specialize in diode lasers and have over 15 years experience in manufacturing of solid state lasers. Dragon Lasers are not manufactured by normal workers with standard training. Our lasers are made by very experienced and highly qualified engineers in the best optronics workshops in China. We are dedicated to challenging and surpassing laser technology limits to produce the worlds best and higherst powered laser pointers and portable lasers. In last 12 years, the quality of our lasers has earned the acclaim of thousands of customers world wide. Dragon Lasers are top quality lasers from China at very low prices.