Payment Introduction

Payment Methods accepted by Dragon Lasers

Credit Cards, Purchase Orders, Paypal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Western Union

Credit Card Types Accepted

-Standard Mastercard and Visa credit cards
-Debit Mastercard and Visa credit cards
-Visa Electron credit cards
-AMEX credit cards
-Visa and Mastercard gift cards can be used subject to restrictions that individual gift cards come with

Purchase Orders
We accept purchase orders from all established universities, colleges and well known companies. Purchase orders are usually paid in advance or net 30 days. Purchase orders are usually paid by Bank T/T. If you would like to use this payment method, please email or fax us your PO

If you were unsuccessful at paying for your order by credit card and would like to pay with Paypal, please email our support staff with your order ID and your Paypal email address. You will then be sent a payment request via Paypal.

Is entering my personal information to verify my credit card safe?
Yes it is very safe. The website where you enter your personal information belongs to your credit card company and they are the only people who will see your information. No one at Dragon Lasers or any other website will see or have access to your personal information.

My c/c payment was unsuccessful, what can I do?
Make sure your credit card is one of the credit cards listed above that our website can accept. If you were not using one of these cards, please make a new order using an acceptable credit card.

If you are unsuccessful with a card type we accept, the problem could be your bank/credit card company is automatically blocking your payment because our bank is in Asia. This often happens and a quick phone call to your bank/credit card company asking them to remove the block will fix this problem and you can then make a new order.

If you are still unsuccessful in making payment, please contact our support staff for help.

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