Fiber Lasers

Every of our laser system could be connected with an optical fiber. After ordered a laser system you can order fiber components and we will do the fiber coupling job for you.
Fiber Coupler connect laser head with fiber.
Fiber type is optional to be single mode or multi-mode, you can also use your own fiber.
Fiber collimator is attached to fiber end for laser beam collimation.

FC Type Fiber Coupling and Alignment Guide

SMA Type Fiber Coupling and Alignment Guide

Laser output power will be lost in a fiber and this chart shows the fiber coupling effiency

Fiber Type
Diode Lasers
DPSS Laser
TEM00 ModeMulti ModesTEM00 ModeMulti Modes
Single Mode Fiber 4-9um>30%Low>40%>20%
Multi-Mode Fiber 50um>60%>30%>70%>60%
Multi-Mode Fiber 100um>75%>60%>75%>70%
Multi-Mode Fiber 200um>80%>75%>80%>80%
Multi-Mode Fiber 400um>90%>85%>90%>90%