Lasers for Holography

Holography is divided into two processes which are recording and reproduction,the interference fringes is generated on theholographic plate through the superposition between the reference light and the reflected light during the recording. Then, after the holographic plate is processed in the darkroom, an image exactly same to the original object will be reproduced from the interference pattern on the photosensitive sheet by diffraction. Compared with ordinary photographic, Holography not only records the amplitude of light field of the object, but also records the relative phase of the reflected light waves. Holography is widely used in holographic microscopy, holographic security, data storage, deformation measurement, holographic interferometry and etc.

Dragonlasers provide single longitudinal mode, long coherent length, high stability lasers for laser holography and relevant components also can be provided.

Interference fringes

Etalon interference ring

There are various choices of lasers wavelength to meet customers requirements. Customers please contact us for detailed information.